How to Get a Library Card

New Cards

Every customer who applies for a library card fills out a registration card containing the following information:  full name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number or ID number (if applicable), and business address and phone number.  The patron should be prepared to show the librarian a current utility bill as verification of the applicant’s residency.  Library cards applied for by new patrons may have a minimum waiting period of one (1) working day.

Parents/guardians of children under the age of eighteen (18) years must apply in person for the child’s card.

A library card will be issued at no charge to any person residing within the city limits, or non-residents owning real estate within the city limits.  The cost of the card is covered through property taxes.

Non-residence fees

A non-resident card may be purchased for a fee by those persons residing outside of the city limits.  In 2015, the non-resident card fee is $65.00 per year per household. 

Borrowing Limits

Nashville Public Library materials have a two (2) week loan period, with two (2) renewals of two (2) weeks each.  Library materials with holds placed on them may not be renewed.   Holds may be placed on up to 30 items owned by the Nashville Library or any library in the database. 

Microfilm will not be loaned due to extensive use within the library.

Placing Holds and Renewing Borrowed Items

Holds may be placed on library materials by using a library card and accessing the online card catalog at  Placing holds requires the person’s account number (the barcode on the back of the library card) and a 4 number password (which is chosen by the individual when he/she applies for a library card.  By accessing their account, a person can view their patron information, view a list of items currently checked out, view their fines, renew items currently checked out, and place holds on library materials.  If a person’s fines exceed $5.00, then he/she will be unable to place holds.

 Library Fines

Overdue books and audiocassettes shall be charged fines of ten cents (.10) per day per item.  If an item is not returned, the fine will not exceed the replacement cost of the item. 

Videocassette or DVD circulation is for a period of two weeks (14 days).  There is a fine of one dollar (1.00) per day if overdue.